Ria's Resturant

Our Story


Chris and Ria Totsikas, founders of Pizzaria Napolitana, immigrated from Greece in 1974. They eventually chose Jefferson City to raise their family in 1976.  They were attracted to the strong family values, the strength of the business community, and of the beauty the Capitol grounds. With his prior business experience, Chris and Ria opened their first Pizzaria Napolitana on the old part of Missouri Boulevard next to McDonald’s in 1978. 

A lifelong partnership, we like to say that Ria took care of the customer and register, and Chris ran the kitchen and company. Among some of their early successes were the introductions of both the Greek salad and Gyros to our community.  They also established one of the first delivery services.  Their strong beliefs and core values allowed them to expand at their second location in 1989.  With their consistency, service, and quality they started the tradition of the business luncheon in Jefferson City and still strive to maintain that today.  They successfully retired in 2006.      

In 2008, choosing to re-invest in our community, our company relocated to 3550 West Edgewood Drive, allowing another generation to operate as well.  With our third location we have expanded our menu, services, and facilities.

Thank you for choosing to dine with us at Ria’s. We are the Totsikas family: Chris, Ria and Gus, and have operated Pizzaria Napolitana in our community since 1978.  Thank you for your continuing support and your stay with us.


Restaurant Hours

Breakfast Bar
8:30 am-11 am

Lunch Buffet
11 am-2 pm

Wednesday - Sunday
2 pm - 9 pm



3550 West Edgewood Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 636-5221


(573) 636-5221